Hi, I’m Brian. I like to hobby. Whether it’s brewing beer, dehydrating beef jerky, hunting for geo caches, baking bread, smoking meat in my home smoker, or crafting furniture, I like to do it while I day drink and day dream about my next hobby.  (Suggest my next one here.)

A native of Orange County, I spend a lot of my time outdoors or in my garage ( beer in hand either way).  I get excited about trying new things and often go all in and purchase everything I need to perform that hobby…at least once.  Sometimes I’m lucky and my family indulges my inner-hobbyist, like the ice cream maker my mom got me two Christmases ago.  I should whip that baby out again.

I talk so much about cool hobbies I want to try, that my girlfriend started to tweet them.  She said I was kind of like a one trick pony, except my pony is a hobby.  And One Trick Hobby was born.  Maybe I should get a mini pony…